The President's Club

Opportunity, Performance, & Mentoring

You have the most complete final expense platform to sell in the industry, and now with President’s Club, you gain access to the leaders in final expense who will help you grow your business.


Our goal with the President’s Club is to increase your performance. Not only will your sales increase, but expect to learn how to increase your performance with your upline and downline.


Members learn from our CEO and President, co-founders of Senior Life Insurance Company who began as field agents just like you. Members also learn from our Vice President who is an agent and recruiter.

“Background and degree are not important, what is important is what’s inside your heart – if you’re willing to commit to following a system that works day in and day out, year after year.”

Robert Shiver, Vice President

Why Join?

Learn the Secrets to Success.  Join the Senior Life Insurance Company President’s Club.

If you are working towards a career others dream about, then the President’s Club is for you. It’s not for everyone – only those who dare to be the best. The President’s Club is designed to take your sales from ordinary to extraordinary. You’ll experience one-on-one mentoring with some of the most successful agents in the industry, goal building with these leaders, and opportunities to enjoy exclusive incentive trips and contests. Spending time with other top performers raises your game.

What is the President's Club?

The President’s Club Shares the Proven Road to Success

The President’s Club is your opportunity to grow as an agent to the highest levels you wish to achieve.  Senior Life Insurance Company was founded by final expense field agents who were so successful they purchased their own company, and grew it from six states to 39 plus the District of Columbia – in only 17 years.  They personally share their experiences with you and their blueprint for success. You will work with our leaders in group conference calls and one-on-one conversations.
Not only will you have access to the nation’s top agent’s secrets for success, but you also will receive a recurring newsletter highlighting important information. Finally, you will work one-on-one with an agent from our Marketing Liaison Team. Think of them as your personal help desk – available to answer all of your questions.

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